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Migratory Fish Access

The RCFMG aim is to open up the entire river system for migratory fish. This includes the main river and all the tributaries.

There are many man made weirs and culverts on the system that obstruct fish migration. There are also many log jams, fallen trees, fences, blocked water gates and fly tipping blockages in many of the tributaries that need removed to allow access to spawning areas.

There are also many natural obstacles and waterfalls that need improved to allow migrating fish easier access upstream.

A new fish pass is to be installed on the man made Fankerton Weir in the next few years as part of the planning consent granted by Falkirk Council to the housing developer of the Fankerton Carrongrove Mill Site.

Please see the Fisheries Management Plan for a full list of Migratory Fish Access Improvement projects.

There are also many wildlife habitat improvement projects planned for the river system in the future.